It's become a film festival axiom that documentaries are often the most consistently satisfying and reliably crowd-pleasing titles on the program. From our perspective, this will certainly prove to be the case at the upcoming TriBeCa Film Festival.

Two of our three TriBeCa titles, CHOPS and THE THIRD MONDAY IN OCTOBER, follow teenagers as they strive and compete for greatness. We have seen this kind of movie do very well with distributors and audiences before: pictures like SPELLBOUND come to mind. Our third film, THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN, examines the culture of how American babies come into the world, particularly here in New York City. Produced by Ricki Lake, this is one of those rare films that will engage a very wide, very identifiable audience and change the way we all think about this transformative event.

The three films in our lineup arrive at TriBeCa seeking distribution. The titles are presented here in the order of each film's first screening, which is often a press/industry screening. Please keep in mind that as with any film festival the screening times and venues may change.

If you are a journalist and wish to discuss any one title, please email the designated contact person or persons for that film or phone us at 212-595-6161

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Jeremy Walker
Christine Richardson
Judy Drutz
Steven Cooper
Adam Walker


The closing weekend of the TriBeCa Film Festival happens to coincide with an extraordinary annual event: Jazz at Lincoln Center's Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band Competition & Festival where 15 high school jazz bands from across North America wow audiences and Wynton Marsalis, artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, with their interpretations of the work of the great Duke Ellington. A world premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival, CHOPS follows three such bands, two from Seattle, one from Jacksonville, Florida, as they prepare for and compete in the 2006 Essentially Ellington event. While CHOPS is a natural draw for jazz-lovers, it's equally compelling for anyone new to the sound. We can report that the film affected us on many levels, but most profoundly as New Yorkers who perhaps regret having squandered our adolescence.

Primary contact:
Steven Cooper,

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Thu. April 26th at 10:00am, Clearview Chelsea West
(PRESS/INDUSTRY) *Press conference with the filmmakers and Wynton Marsalis to follow at 11:45am*

Mon. April 30th at 6:00pm, Clearview Chelsea West Theater 1
Tue. May 1st at 4:30pm, AMC 34th Street (add'l PRESS/INDUSTRY)
Tue. May 1st at 7:15pm, AMC 34th Street Theater 12
Fri. May 4th at 10:45am, AMC 34th Street Theater 14
Sat. May 5th at 10:30am, AMC Kips Bay Theater 14

Talent Available:
Director Bruce Broder will be in New York for the duration of the festival, while two high school Jazz bands featured in the film are back for this year's competition, which coincides with the festival's closing weekend.

TriBeCa Family Festival

THE-THIRD-MONDAY-IN-OCTOBER Blending the real-life situations imagined in ELECTION and told with the ferocity of THE WAR ROOM, THE THIRD MONDAY IN OCTOBER is a crowd-pleasing film that focuses on the middle school campaigns and elections that took place in four US cities as George W. Bush and John Kerry ran for the White House in the fall of 2004. The film takes an intimate look at these 12 kids and their peers, teachers and families as they enter their races, write slogans, make posters, and deliver speeches, until that climactic and emotional day - often the third Monday in October - when they learn whether or not their effort to become leaders has succeeded or has failed. In the process we see a true slice of American politics, raw and uncensored, through the eyes and votes of twelve year olds. As the media once again builds the hothouse that will foment the 2008 Presidential races, audiences for THE THIRD MONDAY IN OCTOBER will continue to ripen as well.

Primary contact:
Christine Richardson,

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Thu. April 26th at Noon, AMC 34th St. Theater 14 (PRESS/INDUSTRY)
Sat. Apr 28th at 4:30pm, AMC Kips Bay Theater 14
Sun. Apr 29th at Noon, AMC Kips Bay Theater 15
Fri. May 4th at 5:30pm, AMC Village VII Theater 2
Sat. May 5th at11:00am, Regal Cinemas Theater 10

Talent Available:
Director Vanessa Roth lives in Brooklyn and is totally available.


THE-BUSINESS-OF-BEING-BORN Birth is a miracle, a rite of passage, a natural part of life. But birth is also big business. Compelled to find answers after the stressful delivery of her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to explore and question the way American women have babies. Epstein gains access to several pregnant New York City women as they weigh their options. Footage of women having babies punctuates THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN. Each experience is unique; all are equally beautiful and equally surprising. Giving birth is clearly the most physically challenging event these women have ever gone through, but it is also the most emotionally rewarding. Along the way, we hear from number of obstetricians, experts and advocates about the history, culture and economics of childbirth. The film's fundamental question: should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potential medical emergency? As Epstein uncovers some surprising answers, her own pregnancy adds a very personal dimension to THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN, a must-see for anyone even thinking about having a baby.

Primary contact:
Adam Walker,

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Sun. April 29th at 7:00pm, Clearview Chelsea West PREMIERE

Mon. April 30th at 9:00am, Chelsea West (PRESS/INDUSTRY)
*Press conference with Epstein, Lake and the film's subjects to follow at 10:45am*

Mon. April 30th at 6:30pm, AMC Kips Bay Theater 13
Thu. May 3rd at 9:45pm, AMC Kips Bay Theater 14
Fri. May 4th at 5:00pm, AMC Village VII Theater 1

Talent Available:
Director Abby Epstein lives in New York. Executive producer Ricki Lake will be in New York for the duration of the festival.


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