Opening June 16th
A Wellspring Release

In the French-Canadian harbor village
of St-Marie-La Mauderne, the vanishing
fish stocks have led a once-thriving
community into decline, forcing the
fishermen to rely on government welfare.
When a small company considers building
a factory on the island, the inhabitants
see an opportunity for the village to be
restored to greatness. But the factory
cannot be built without a resident doctor.
And thus the seduction of the young
Doctor Lewis (David Boutin) begins, as the entire village works to convince a big-city, cosmopolitan doctor that this isolated village is the ideal place to live. Reminiscent of Britain's glorious Ealing comedies like the classic "Tight Little Island," Jean-Francois Pouliot's beguiling and sophisticated debut feature proves that with pluck and imagination, anything can be made irresistible. A huge hit in its native Canada, where it was just nominated for 11 Genie Awards, SEDUCING DOCTOR LEWIS won the 2004 Sundance Film Festival World Cinema Audience Award and will screen at MoMA's prestigious New Directors / New Films series.