Opening March 2008
An IFC First Take Release

PARANOID PARK is perhaps Gus Van Sant's
most beloved film since his debut feature
MALA NOCHE - at least that's what many
critics, who have been raving about the film
at the Cannes, Toronto and New York Film Festivals,
have been telling us. The grisly death of a security
guard in the vicinity of Paranoid Park, Portland's
toughest home-grown skate venue, makes
High School sophomore Alex (newcomer
Gabe Nevins
) a person of interest to the cops.
When interrogated, Gabe comes up with all the
right answers, but his life is complicated by
mounting pressure from his girlfriend
(Taylor Momsen of TV's "Gossip Girl") to take her virginity.
In the meantime, Alex can't get the events of that night at Paranoid Park out of his head. Van Sant uses natural locations and rich, often dreamlike imagery from cinematographer Christopher Doyle to tell an unforgettable story.
IFC First take is planning a March 7, 2008 release.