Opening March, 2008
A Warner Independent Pictures Release

SNOW ANGELS is David Gordon Green's new
film; one of the best-reviewed movies at
Sundance; and a tough, grown-up picture
that blesses its cast, including Kate Beckinsale
and Sam Rockwell as a troubled divorced
couple and Michael Angarano and
Olivia Thirlby
(whom your readers will surely
know from the December release JUNO) as
young lovers, with some of the most
emotionally truthful material we've ever
seen, photographed by long time Green
collaborator Tim Orr. SNOW ANGELS is
Green's first film set north of the Mason-Dixon,
but also comes at a very interesting point in the filmmaker's career: at some point next year Columbia will release Green's PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, a teen comedy produced by Judd Apatow. Warner Independent Pictures will release SNOW ANGELS in March, 2008.