Opening December 2, 2005
A Weinstein Company Release

Bree (Felicity Huffman) is days away from a dream
she has focused on for years - the completion of her
gender reassignment surgery. Her plans come to a
grinding halt when she receives a call from New York
and discovers she has a son, and that he has been
picked up by the police. Bree's closest friend and
therapist, Margaret (Elizabeth Peņa) tells Bree she
has to deal with her past before she can move
into her future.

Reluctantly, Bree springs Toby (Kevin Zegers) from
jail under the pretense that she's a missionary worker.
Toby begs Bree to take him with her to Los Angeles,
and so they set out, each hiding their true motives
and identities. Making his directorial debut, Duncan Tucker has created a story about parents and children, family and acceptance, all on an estrogen cocktail.

TRANSAMERICA is written and directed by Duncan Tucker. The film is produced by Linda Moran and Rene Bastian of Belladonna Productions and by Sebastian Dungan. William H. Macy serves as executive producer. Starring Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers and
Elizabeth Peņa.