Opening October 22
A United Artists Release

UNDERTOW is a new, uniquely American
thriller from director David Gordon Green
starring Jamie Bell, Josh Lucas,
Dermot Mulroney and newcomer Devon Alan.
The film is a rough-and-tumble departure for
Green, whose first two movies
"George Washington" and "All the Real Girls"
drew worldwide acclaim for their quiet,
lyrical sensibility.

Dermot Mulroney is John Munn, a hog farmer and taxidermist, who raises his two boys, Chris (Jamie Bell) and Tim (Devon Alan), alone. Living in an isolated farmhouse in the woods, John works hard, but pushes his oldest son Chris even harder. Chris wears his frustration, as he knows there's a world outside the family he is yearning to explore.

Just out of jail and full of charm and swagger, John's brother Deel (Josh Lucas) arrives at the family home looking to settle an old score. He exudes danger, but John can't see it. Chris senses Deel is trouble, but also finds his uncle's fearsome power seductive. Like a Faulkner novel, the Munn family is changed in a flash of violence, and the narrative and style of UNDERTOW becomes, as David Gordon Green puts it, "like a boys adventure novel from the 1950s."

With UNDERTOW, Green portrays the violent legacy between two generations of brothers as an elegy to the American South.

Shot in stark beauty by Tim Orr with a haunting score by Phillip Glass, UNDERTOW is written by Joe Conway and David Gordon Green, and produced by Lisa Muskat, Terrence Malick and Edward R. Pressman. ContentFilm's John Schmidt and Alessandro Camon serve as executive producers..