Motion Picture Publicity Campaigns

The 11th Hour (Release)
Adored: Diary of a Porn Star (Release)
AKA (Release)
Alice Neel (Release)
All I Wanna Do (Release)
Alone With Her (TriBeCa/Release)
Altered (Unit)
Amadeus (DVD/Video Release)
The American Astronaut (Sundance/Toronto/Release)
American Psycho (Unit/Sundance/Release)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (Release)
The Architect (Unit / TriBeCa / Release)
The Assassination of Richard Nixon (Toronto/Release)
Assisted Living (Release)
Automne (Toronto)
Awake (Unit)
Baise-Moi (Release/DVD and Video Campaign)
The Ballad of Jack & Rose (Sundance/Release)
The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack (Release)
Barcelona (Unit/Release)
Black Sheep (Toronto / Release)
The Blair Witch Project (Sundance/Cannes/Release)
Blessed Art Thou (Sundance)
Bobby G. Can’t Swim: A Story From Hell’s Kitchen (Release)
Body Of War (Hamptons)
Bollywood / Hollywood (Release)
The Boss Of It All (Release)
Bought & Sold (TriBeCa)
Brand Upon The Brain! (NYFF)
Britney Baby – One More Time (Sundance)
Bubble (Toronto)
Bunny (Toronto/Hamptons)
The Business Of Being Born (TriBeCa/Release)
Cecil B. DeMented (Unit/Release)
Chasing Sleep (Toronto)
The Children of Chabannes (Release)
Chops (TriBeCa)
Chrystal (Sundance)
Chuck & Buck (Sundance/Release)
Cocaine Cowboys (TriBeCa/Release)
Color Me Kubrick (Release)
Come Undone (Release)
Confessions of a Superhero (SXSW)
Confidence (Sundance/Release)
The Cooler (Unit/Sundance/Toronto/Release/Awards)
The Corporation (Release)
Criminal (Release)
Cronicas (Toronto/Sundance/Release)
Cruising (2007 Release/DVD)
Cry Funny Happy (Sundance)
Darkon (SXSW)
Das Experiment (Release)
Dear Wendy (Toronto / Release)
Dedication (Sundance)
Derrida (Release)
The Descent (Sundance/Release)
The Devil's Rejects (Release)
District B13 (Release)
Diggers (Unit)
The Dog Problem (Toronto)
Dropping Out (Sundance)
Duane Hopwood (Sundance)
Ed’s Next Move (Sundance/Release)
Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (Sundance)
The Entrepreneur (Consultation)
The Event (Sundance/Toronto/Release)
Everything Put Together (Release)
The Eye (TriBeCa/Release)
The Eyes of Tammy Faye (Release)
The Faithless (Unit)
Farewell Bender (TriBeCa)
Farmingville (Sundance)
Fastpitch (Release)
Fat Girls (TriBeCa/Release)
Fay Grim (Toronto)
Fifty Pills (TriBeCa)
The Final Cut (Release)
Finishing The Game (Release)
The Five Senses (Toronto)
A Foreign Affair (Sundance)
Forgiving The Franklins (Sundance/SXSW)
For The Bible Tells Me So (Sundance/Release)
Forty Shades of Blue (Sundance)
For Your Consideration (Release)
Fresh (Unit/Festivals)
The Full Monty (Release)
The Funeral (Release)
Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird (Hamptons)
Garden State (Sundance)
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (Sundance)
Giant (Reissue Release)
Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) (Release)
The Girl From Paris (Release)
Godsend (Release)
The Good Girl (Sundance)
The Good Life (Sundance)
Gods and Monsters (Sundance)
The Golden Bowl (Release)
Go Tigers! (Release)
Grace Is Gone (Sundance)
The Great New Wonderful (TriBeCa/Release)
Great World of Sound (Sundance)
The Grey Zone (Toronto/Release)
Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst (Sundance/Release)
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (Sundance)
The Guys (Unit/Toronto)
The Hebrew Hammer (Unit/Sundance/Release)
High Tension (Release)
A Hole In One (TriBeCa/Release)
Hoop Dreams (Release/Oscar Campaign)
How To Draw A Bunny (Distribution Consultation)
Human Traffic (Toronto/Release)
Hustle & Flow (Sundance/Release)
I Am An Animal (Hamptons/HBO Airing)
The Ice Storm (Release)
In July (Release)
I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With (Release)
James Blunt: Return to Kosovo (SXSW)
James Ellroy’s Feast of Death (Toronto)
Joshua (Sundance)
Juno (Unit)
Kiss Me Guido (Sundance/Release)
LaLee’s Kin (Release)
L.I.E. (Sundance/Release)
Lipstick & Dynamite (TriBeCa/Release)
Little Fish (Toronto)
Little Odessa (Release)
Lola & Bilidikid (Release)
Lolita (Release)
Love In The Time Of Money (Unit/Sundance/Release)
Love The Hard Way (Unit)
Love Object (Unit/TriBeCa/Release)
Love! Valour! Compassion! (Unit/Release)
Lulu on the Bridge (Unit/Cannes)
Manderlay (Release)
Manito (Sundance/TriBeCa)
Man Push Cart (Release)
Ma Vie En Rose/My Life in Pink (Cannes/Release)
Mister Lonely (Toronto)
The Motel (Sundance)
Monster’s Ball (Unit/Release)
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (Release)
Murder Party (SXSW/Release)
My Fair Lady, The Restoration (Festivals/Release)
My Father’s Son (Florida Film Festival)
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (Release)
Never Die Alone (Unit)
The Night Listener (Sundance / Release)
Nil By Mouth (Cannes/Release)
The Ninth Gate (Release)
Nothing But The Truth (Unit)
O (Release)
Once Upon A Time In America (TriBeCa/DVD/Video Release)
Once Were Warriors (Festivals/Release)
One Last Thing (Unit / Toronto)
The One Percent (TriBeCa)
Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (Release)
On_Line (Sundance/Release)
On The Hook (Unit)
On The Outs (Toronto)
Open Water (Sundance/Release)
The Origins of AIDS (TriBeCa)
Out Of The Blue (Toronto)
The Outsider (TriBeCa/Release)
The Outsiders (DVD Release)
Palermo Hollywood (Sundance)
Palindromes (Release)
Paranoid Park (Toronto/Release)
Particles Of Truth (TriBeCa)
Passion of Mind (US Unit)
Pecker (Unit/Release)
Pink Flamingos 25th Anniversary Reissue (Release)
Pipe Dream (Unit/Distribution Consultation/Release)
Pittsburgh (TriBeCa)
Poster Boy (TriBeCa)
The Princess Of Nebraska (Toronto)
Quattro Noza (Sundance)
Quid Pro Quo (Unit)
Raw Deal: A Question of Consent (Sundance)
Rear Window, The Restoration (Release)
Reel Paradise (Release)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Release)
Rick (Unit/Toronto)
Right At Your Door (Sundance)
Romance & Cigarettes (Release)
The Rules of Attraction (Release)
S&MAN (SXSW / Toronto)
The Saddest Music In The World (Sundance/Release)
Saving Face (Toronto)
Saw (Release)
Saving Face (Unit/Toronto)
Scarlet Diva (Release)
Search & Destroy (Release)
Seducing Dr. Lewis (Release)
Series 7 (Unit/Sundance/Release)
Shadowboxer (Unit)
Shadow Boxers (Toronto/Release)
Shadow Magic (Sundance)
Shadow of the Vampire (Cannes/Toronto/Hamptons/Release)
Shattered Glass (Unit/Toronto/Release)
SHOW Business (TriBeCa)
Simply Irresistible (Unit)
Singin’ In The Rain (Telluride)
Sisters (Unit/SXSW)
Snow Angels (Unit/Sundance/Release)
Snipes (Unit/Distribution Consultation/Toronto)
Snow Cake (Release)
Soft For Digging (Sundance)
Songcatcher (Sundance/Release)
The Sophomore (Unit)
Sorry,Haters (Toronto)
So This Is New York (TriBeCa)
Special (Sundance)
The Station Agent (Sundance)
The Stanley Kubrick Collection (DVD/Video Release)
Star Maps (Sundance/Release)
Step Into Liquid (TriBeCa/Release)
Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator (Release)
Stolen (Release)
Stone Reader (Release Consultation)
A Table In Heaven (Hamptons)
Taking Off (Distribution Consultation/IFFM)
Thank You For Smoking (Unit / Toronto)
The Third Monday in October (TriBeCa)
This Filthy World (Release/DVD)
A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers (Toronto)
THX 1138 (Reissue Release)
Transamerica (Unit/TriBeCa/Release)
Treasure Island (Sundance/Release)
The 24th Day (TriBeCa/Release)
Turn The River (Hamptons)
Two Girls and a Guy (Festivals/Release)
200 Cigarettes (Unit)
Tying The Knot (TriBeCa/Release)
Up For Grabs (SXSW)
Uprising (NBC Mini-Series/Event)
Undead (Toronto)
Undertow (Unit/Release)
Unknown White Male (Release)
Until The Violence Stops (Sundance)
Unzipped (Sundance/Release)
Venus Beauty Institute (Release)
Vertigo, The Restoration (Release)
Waitress (Sundance)
Washington Heights (TriBeCa Film Festival)
What Alice Found (Sundance/TriBeCa/Release)
What Remains (Sundance)
When We Were Kings (Sundance/Release/Oscar Campaign)
Why We Fight (Sundance)
W.I.S.O.R. (Release)
The Woodsman (Unit)
Wonderland (Release)
Wordplay (Release)
World Traveler (Sundance/Release)
Zero Day (Release)

Corporate Clients

Adrienne Shelly Foundation
BAM Rose Cinemas
Deutsch/Open City Films
Dolby Laboratories
Edward R. Pressman Film Corp.
E-Studio Network
FineLine Features
The Florida Film Festival
Haxan Films
The Lake Placid Film Festival
Lang Films
National Geographic Ventures
The New Festival
New York Film Critics Circle
Open City Films / Blow Up Pictures
Peter Newman Productions
Pressman & Company Films
Redeemable Features
Rudolph & Beer
SenArt Films
Shadow Catcher Entertainment
Sony Pictures Classics
Ted Turner Documentaries

Personal Clients

Miguel Arteta
Chris Eigeman
Will Janowitz
Rory Kennedy
Jason Reitman
John Sayles