The Incomparable Rose Hartman

Make Øtis Mass’ feature documentary about a legendary, impossible-to-ignore 78 year old NYC celebrity photographer just as impossible to ignore as it enjoys its world premiere the same hour as feature films starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ethan Hawke also premiere the first Saturday night of the 2016 SXSW Film Festival. Stiff competition.

Terrific opportunity to work again with Sunny & Mild Media colleague Harry Pallenberg on a stunt that would become the talk of the festival, as noted by the Austin Chronicle at the top of its rave review  and reflected in Harry’s footage used by the brilliant Tom Brook in his Rose Hartman career piece for BBC News. Engineering Rose’s grand entrance required an initial meeting way out in Texas Hill Country with Ellie of Dripping Springs, among a slew of #SXSW highlights Harry captured and put together in this “festival experience” video .  On Rose and Øtis’  busy publicity schedule in Austin: live television appearances ( ) and print/online interviews like ( )